Let our tools do your product
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When you’re researching a product, it’s important to use specific tools for your software

That will help you find out which product will be the most valuable and profitable for your business

We find the right product that stands out from the rest. Let’s get your product to the first page!
We use
powerful software to analyze
These help us pick the best product based on years of knowledge!
We understand that these tools can be confusing to navigate
  • It would take our professionals a whole twelve hours to properly explain how to pick the right product.
  • If you base your product off of just 2-3 rules, it will not help you in the long run

Don’t worry, we are always here to help!

We always:
Use important tools

that compare the number of products of any other seller

Use years of knowledge

about ranking every product that has a competitor

Compare the amount of reviews

for not only the first page but right down to your unique niche

Using multiple factors that impact your product
will help you be successful in the beginning

But from that point, you have TWO options:

You could attempt to find all the information by yourself and then try to rank the product
Keep in mind, juggling these tools all at once could make you overlook some very important points
Your second option is that you can use our help to finally break through and find the right product
During our product research, we will use our upfront knowledge to navigate how we will best rank the product
We want to help
because we understand

that it can be overwhelming multitasking using different tools while also trying to find the right product

For example:

You might notice that a product has 50 reviews and the revenue of the product is $5,000 per month

What you don’t see is that this same seller has multiple other products that are helping this product get to the first page

You could also miss checking highly important information such as the keywords that will be indexed on Amazon during your product ranking

For one type of product, you might need to have about 300 keywords. Another type of product, you might need 3,000 keywords

These could be indexed to produce sales

With our services, you’re guaranteed

to never miss important points for your product!

we are picking products professionally

You might get really excited when you check the product through the tools and see how high your sales can potentially get. We wouldn’t recommend this route because there are so many other factors to take into consideration

When you use our service, you will see proof of how professionally we are picking products. This is because of the rules that we use to rank the products on the first page
Discover that it is very possible for you to be indexed the same amount as your competitor
That will help you find out which product will be the most valuable and profitable for your business
Why should you trust us

We are here to work for you!


With not just one product but TWO, we can help you get to the first page


There are over a hundred factors that can make your product highly successful


We are highly skilled and knowledgeable in navigating which factors benefit you


Our amazing research skills are at your service and guarantee your success


If you feel more comfortable doing research on your own, we understand


Our professionals are more than happy to check your work and let you know if you’re on the right track

Are you having a hard time with any of the following?
You cannot find the right product because you find it difficult navigating multiple factors?
Can’t quite figure out how to rank sellers?
Aren’t sure which product you can sell
Figuring out which product is best for you?
What product you can rank?
How you will use the strategy to rank the product?

We are trained and experienced professionals and pay attention to every little detail

We are existing sellers on Amazon

and don’t let anything slip by

We can

Do extensive and trusted research for you

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Even if it’s transparent to the public, our attention to detail allows us to keep up with Amazon and its quick changes

Make sure that we catch each change in the system so that your product is always up-to-date. We are very familiar with the 2020 Amazon strategies

The best way to rank and pick a product personally for YOU

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