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According to Statista, Amazon generated a sum of 178 BILLION USD just this last year. With an 8% increase in competition for Amazon sales, business owners everywhere are looking to improve the quality of their analytics!

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What are the benefits?
A report with helpful recommendations
You’ll receive a complete breakdown of each critical component:
  • Product titles: Explains the characteristics of the product quickly
  • Descriptions: Show the world the quality of your product through detailed descriptions
  • Customer reviews: The way people rate your product publically. This is one of the most crucial parts of your listing
people see your product at the top when searching
  • When you have a great product, you want to be sure that your consumers are able to find it
  • Our optimization professionals will use keyword research to find words that customers enter into search engines most often. This will ensure that people see your product at the top when searching
Optimization of all keywords
  • Optimizing all keywords can turn them into sales!
  • A listing that doesn’t have powerful keywords can quickly turn into a dead listing
Listing criteria: No matter the issue, we have you covered
  • Whether you're concerned with character counts or image restrictions, ARM's Listing Checkers will provide crucial guidance on Amazon's strict standards
Tailored feedback
  • Gain an understanding of how to improve rankings and increase the number of sales
We examine your Amazon listing:
  • Your title, bullet points, description, graphics, reviews, Q&A’s will all be displayed to impact your consumers to purchase
Get to know The Amazon Ritz Momentum Team
We are
a sales committee of experienced Amazon sellers who conduct a careful assessment and come up with impactful feedback that best suits your product
We have
the tools to resolve any issues that you might face with your Amazon Listing. We work on keywords, campaigns, and ranking with Amazon’s requirements and criteria in mind
Our team
is updated constantly on the latest bulletins ensuring every detail is up to date
How will we
optimize your listing?
Analyze your listing

First, we use our perspective to analyze your listing

Research relevant words

We research the most successful words for your product with keyword research. If your product doesn’t contain relevant words, your customers will have a smaller chance of finding your product


Optimization of ALL keywords


Well equipped with tools that are backed up with insight and testing

Analyze your competitor

To guarantee that you are ahead of your competitor, we analyze their indexation and sales, too

Make improvements

We constantly make improvements that will promise you more engagements, indexing, and sales. Amazon’s algorithm allows us to track data, traffic patterns, and descriptive words that consumers use the most

Make changes

After our changes are made, we send you the revised draft of your listing in record time

Increased PPC

Once our final draft is up, you’ll save the changes on your site. You’ll start to see increased PPC and sales will boost.

Do these suggestions make a difference?

Yes, we know they will, we’ve seen it countless times!

of our clientele`s sales improve within just the first year!
We ensure that your listing will fit in the scope of all Amazon’s requirements, and optimized especially to their algorithms
What’s the difference between having your services
and optimizing it by myself?
We guarantee the fastest results

We have everything you need. Our expertise is more than trustworthy!

Each tool requires a wide range of knowledge

You have to be an experienced professional who is well versed in every aspect of optimization


Currently, our timeline for initial draft writing is only 3-5 business days. If revisions are required, we will do an additional 3-5 to ensure that we are meeting your tailored needs. That timeline is dependent on what you want as a business owner. Keep in mind, our order times can be dependent on the time of year and how heavy our workload is for the period. Rest assured, no matter how busy we are, we always make sure that you are served as quickly as possible and with the highest quality of results!

After your purchase, we begin working on your product within 2-3 business days. We will not collect funds unless your product is available for us to work on straight away

Although we provide you with the images that you request, we recommend that you review and abide by Amazon’s TOS. We will work with you every step of the way, but you are still legally responsible for making sure that your product is compliant with the regulations as well as any updates made by Amazon.

your business with us
All of the services that you need - we can do in one place. We can provide these services with higher quality than spreading your services over multiple different freelance marketplaces without guaranteed satisfaction
No more frustration trying to fix the problems

Now you can focus that same energy on growing your business

"I started with the Ritz Team when my listing didn’t sell and I didn’t know what to do. I felt so hopeless and felt as if all my hard work and determination were useless. One of the advice the team gave me was to change my listing and make modifications. After seeing some improvements, I asked them to help me more professionally. They really turned my dead listing into a powerful one by really examining my Amazon listing and giving me valuable feedback. I don’t think I would have been as successful as I am if I would have tried to do this myself. In the beginning, I really tried but I ended up spending way more money and time than I would like to admit. In the time that I’ve been with them, they’ve helped me with keywords, campaigns, and rankings. The Ritz Amazon Momentum team has experts in every area which in my opinion is hard to find. "


"I know I’m not the only one trying to improve the quality of their analytics on Amazon. I am completely aware of the competition that I face on Amazon and that is why I always try to act quickly. I needed my product to stand out and I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I hired the team to help me with my listing optimization and they started working on my product within two business days and had my initial draft within five business days. Thankfully due to their Amazon Optimization tools, I was always one step ahead of my competitors. They were really professional during the whole process and I will be using them again. "


"I found it hard to believe that a whole team of people was so knowledgable, but the Ritz Team proved it to me. Everyone on board is well versed in their niche and know what they are doing. For each tool optimization, they had an agent who was experienced. I began by trying it myself and stumbled before I could even get my foot out of the door. It just goes to show that in order to be successful, you have to ask for help. My sales improved within the first year and my listing was perfectly polished. I never had to worry if I was fitting Amazon’s requirements because I knew that they had it under control. I even saw increased PPC! I really enjoyed working with the team. "

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